Adebisi Adele, Founder | Director of Adeiur 501 (c) 3Tiwalade Adebisi (Bisi) Adeniji-Adele is a Mechanical Engineer by degree and practice with 8+ years of technical experience. She attended Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) where she  discovered her purpose in positions where she was either influencing or developing others in the field of education. Bisi is most drawn to areas where she can improve the standard of life and education for people in underrepresented areas. This same passion led her to (1) create the 501c(3) Adeiur in 2017 -a nonprofit for women in underrepresented areas with a focus on education, empowerment, and elevation; (2) partner with The National Science Foundation and NBCUniversal on their engineering series to get more girls interested in engineering; (3) Found and serve as Operation Coordinator for the Women in STEM Banquet -a registered organization that bridges the gap between high schoolers, collegiate, and professional women in STEM at PVAMU; (4) work hand-in-hand with PVAMU’s College of Engineering to restructure the Supplemental Instruction Program for undergraduate students; and (5) recruit graduating high school students in lower socioeconomic areas as a PVAMU student representative.

She has been featured on NBCUniversal, recognized as a Trail Blazer on Voyage Houston, honored as Top 20 Rising Star by the Professional Association of Young Africans, and featured on the Walk By Faith Podcast.

In her previous role as an engineer, she expressed her passion for the community by mentoring and recruiting in addition to the daily demands of her engineering role. Bisi gladly volunteered to restructure the technical portion of the onboarding competency training for Design Engineers and served as a judge for Project Lead the Way for high school students interested in engineering. Through Adeiur, she has been able to give out thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students in underrepresented communities. With Adeiur, Bisi’s vision is to start a domino effect of women impacting their community in the space of education, empowerment, and elevation. With education, Adeiur aims to expose women (ages 6-17) to a diverse career portfolio and introduce the tools necessary to attain higher education. In the space of empowerment, Adeiur enables women to feel empowered and take ownership of their lives. Lastly, with elevation, the goals is to commission women to rise spiritually (Christian Faith), psychologically, and intellectually.

I was that little girl in a small section of Houston, Texas known as Alief Texas where I saw drugs, gang violence and teenage pregnancy synonymous with being young and a minority. I witnessed some of my peers not make it to 18. Despite my experience, I was blessed with a community of women that believed in me. Adeiur is a way that I get to pass on that baton. I want women to know that they can step outside of that cycle and empower other women to follow suit.

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