Adeiur’s vision is simple: Education, Women Empowerment, and Elevation for girls in underrepresented areas (age 6-17). We provide resources for girls to take ownership of their lives, give them adequate tools necessary to achieve their career goals,  commission them to flourish psychologically, and expose them to diverse opportunities.

Our Objectives


We expose young girls (ages 6-17) to a diverse career portfolio and introduce the tools necessary to attain higher education.



We promote women empowerment by enabling girls to take ownership of their lives.


We are a nonprofit that commissions women to rise intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually (Christian faith).

Adeíur is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was launched in January of 2018 for girls (ages 6-17) in underrepresented areas. Based out of Houston, Texas, our organization focuses on education, women empowerment, and elevation. Adeiur is derived from the Yoruba word, ‘Ade’ meaning crown, and the French word ‘Dieu’ meaning God. When the two words are combined, Adeiur is a term that symbolizes how women are ‘crown’s of God’ and should not only be seen as such, but also hold themselves to such regards.

Sister Circle

The Sister Circle is our official Mentor -Mentee series that is held quarterly. Professional aged women come together to promote women empowerment by mentoring, supporting, and fostering a sense of sisterhood with their mentees ( ages 11-17).⁣

College Preparatory Program

During The College Preparatory Program our volunteers work hands on with students towards their educational pursuits. They fill out scholarship and college applications. Scholarships are given on an as needed basis to deserving students for their college applications.



Princess Protection Pageant

This is a nonprofit pageant that is completely free for all contestants. The girls go through a 12 week summer pageant training program that exposes them to professional women excelling in their careers, and develop their self-esteem through individual and group affirmations. They will be able to enhance their public speaking, and presentation skills. If selected, a Guardian Informational Meeting will be held prior to pageant training.